What does the DeepMind Fellowship mean to you?

At CDS we are committed to giving opportunities to the innovators who need them most; a mission that we share with the AI firm DeepMind. It is because of this shared value that we have partnered with DeepMind on the DeepMind Fellowship program at CDS. This program provides financial support to masters of science and PhD in data science students from underrepresented minorities.

However, financial support is only part of the equation. The DeepMind Fellowship at CDS also provides access to unique mentorship opportunities. Lily Zhang (DeepMind Fellow 2020–2021) came to CDS after getting her B.A. in Statistics from Harvard and working at start-ups such as Indico Data Solutions and Gamalon. For Lily mentorship was one of the key benefits of her fellowship,“The DeepMind scholarship provides not only financial support, but also a mentorship program and scholars community. I’m really grateful to have access to these incredible resources in my first year!”

Sanae Lotfi (DeepMind Fellow 2020–202), who won the French Government Scholarship for Excellence for ranking second in CentraleSupélec’s entrance exam for international students, also expressed that mentorships have been hugely impactful in her career before and during her fellowship: “I am very honored and humbled to receive the DeepMind Fellowship. I was very fortunate to work in different environments and learn from great mentors throughout my career. I am sure that the Center for Data Science at New York University will allow me to keep doing the same!”

It’s not just mentorship that the DeepMind Fellowship gives access to, but also access to the collaborative and innovative community at CDS. For Boyang Yu, who came to CDS after studying probability and statistics in the School of Mathematical Science, University of Science and Technology of China, it’s the never-ending exchange of ideas that our community facilitates: “I’m so excited and grateful to be awarded the DeepMind Fellowship. The best thing about joining a supportive and inspiring community, such as CDS, is that we never run out of brilliant ideas. Just keep an open mind when going deep with data science.”

The DeepMind Fellowship does not just simply financially support its Fellows but sets them up to succeed by providing them with unique opportunities to learn under experienced mentors and to build relationships that will serve them throughout their career. If you are interested in our Master’s or PhD in Data Science program and how you can be considered for a DeepMind Fellowship please take a look at our financial aid page.

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