The NYU AI School Returns

The NYU AI School is back this winter, taking place January 10–14, 2022. The course is generously supported by sponsors Prescient Design, a Genentech Accelerator and DeepMind, and organized by the NYU ML² Machine Learning for Language Lab and others at CDS. The school is a free week-long course on artificial intelligence and machine learning that encompasses hands-on labs and introductory lectures taught by expert researchers from Google, NYU, Johns Hopkins, and Princeton. The ML² group, affiliated with the larger CILVR lab, is a team of NYU researchers focused on developing innovative machine learning methods for natural language processing (NLP).

Prescient Design, a Genentech Accelerator, and DeepMind, Sponsors of the NYU AI School

The course is geared towards first & second-year undergraduate students in the NYC area with an interest in machine learning and artificial intelligence, especially those who lack institutional access to educational opportunities on these subjects. Notably, the school welcomes students from majors and backgrounds outside of computer science, data science, math, and statistics, with no programming experience required. The lineup this year includes speakers such as CDS Faculty Fellow Elena Sizikova and CDS PhD students Nan Wu and Lily Zhang.

“It’s been a long year of planning so we’re very excited to start 2022 with this grassroots movement aimed at improving access to ML and AI education and encouraging a young crop of budding AI researchers with diverse backgrounds to participate in the conversation,” says CDS PhD student and AI School organizer Swapneel Mehta.

For more information about the NYU AI School, please visit the NYU AI School website. To learn more about the ML² group, please visit the ML² group website.

By Ashley C. McDonald



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