The Launch of the CDS Alumni Council


We’re excited to announce that the CDS Alumni Council has officially launched. The mission of the Council is to enhance alumni engagement through an array of career development programs and social events, CDS’ curriculum, student experience, and student-alumni relationships. As we’ve now reached our 10-year anniversary as an academic program and center, we’ve assembled the CDS Alumni Council to leverage the growing number of dedicated alumni in actualizing our goal “of creating a world-leading data science training and research facility.”

Council members will serve as ambassadors, advocating for the CDS alumni network and community. Members will actively develop and facilitate opportunities for CDS alumni to network and engage with each other. The membership structure of the Council will consist of the Council President, Vice President, Treasurer, and regular members.

“The Center for Data Science has served as a convergence of some of the most talented minds across the planet, embarking on the study of a cutting-edge field. As we celebrate the 10-year anniversary of the program, the CDS Alumni Council aims to spark a global reconvocation of our vast alumni network. With a mixture of in-person and virtual events, the Council stands ready to serve the alumni community as we enter the next phase of the data science era,” says Elliot Silva, Council President.

The Council held their first meeting on February 6, 2023. Some tentative upcoming activities include networking events, career and professional development workshops and events, and meet and greets with current students and much more.

If you’re a CDS alumni member and interested in getting in touch with the Council, please email Our CDS Alumni Council webpage (which is coming soon) will also have more updates in the near future so please stay tuned.



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