Summer CURP Cohort’s Final Presentation

The first-ever summer (and third overall) CURP (CDS Undergraduate Research Program) just wrapped up, and students presented their final projects last week on August 11. For those who may not be familiar, CURP is a research mentorship program that gives talented students the opportunity to work hands-on with CDS faculty alongside a community of their peers.

The presentation session was facilitated by our Director of Administration and Operations, Remi Moss. CURP students presented their research projects, which covered a diverse range of topics within data science.

The list of projects presented by each student can be found below:

  • Discrimination in Policing by Trisha​ ​Ailneni, advised by George Wood

It was an academically robust and illuminating presentation for the students and mentors alike who were in attendance.

To view the members of the summer 2022 cohort, please visit the Summer 2022 CURP Cohort webpage.

For more information on CURP, please visit the CURP webpage.

By Ashley C. McDonald



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