Students from CDS’s first undergrad cohort are accepted into our Master’s program

This year has held quite a few firsts for CDS. As covered in a previous blog post, we graduated our first PhDs. However, that is not the only first we are celebrating this Spring. We also get to congratulate our first cohort of Data Science undergraduate majors and minors on receiving their degrees! We’re so proud to be giving these newly minted data scientists the tools they will use to create and innovate in the field.

But we aren’t saying goodbye to everyone in our first undergraduate cohort! David Shimshoni, Vanessa Xu, and Janice Zhou have all been accepted into CDS’s Masters of Data Science program and will be starting in the Fall. We got a chance to speak to the three students and hear about their excitement to start the program:

David Shimshoni

“I am thrilled to have the opportunity to continue at NYU for study in the great master’s degree program! I am really excited to learn more about the theoretical backing behind the data science techniques I use, as well as new applications to apply those techniques to in more creative ways. The fields of Deep Learning, Natural Language Processing, and Reinforcement Learning have been really interesting to learn about over the course of my undergraduate career here, and I very much hope that I get to learn and do more in these fields over the course of my graduate study.”

Vanessa Xu

“I’m hoping to learn about new content such as NLP as well as deepening my existing knowledge in areas like causal inference. I feel so blessed to be able to continue my studies at CDS and I’m looking forward to living and meeting new friends in New York City for the next two years.”

Janice Zhou

“Double majoring in mathematics and data science is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made, and I am honored to be among the first graduates from NYU Data Science undergraduate major. Attracted by the strong academics and inclusive community at CDS, I can’t wait to join its MS program. Through exploring the frontier of data science in the program, I look forward to using data science as a weapon to improve justice in technological systems.”

Please join us in wishing our first undergrad cohort the best of luck in all the amazing things they will do next! We also can’t wait to see what David, Vanessa and Janice will do as they begin the next step of their academic journey at CDS!