Spring 2022 CURP Final Presentation

The CDS-Courant Undergraduate Research Program (CURP) hosted the final presentation session for its participating students on April 29. For those who may not be familiar, CURP is a research mentorship program that provides talented students with the opportunity to work in-depth with our faculty who advise, encourage, and support them as well as with a community of their peers.

The presentation session was facilitated by our Director of Administration and Operations, Remi Moss. It kicked off with an introduction from CDS Director, Julia Kempe, who encapsulated all of the excitement and appreciation we have for our most recent cohort and mentors.

During the session, CURP students presented on their research projects, which touched on an array of different data science topics.

The list of projects presented by each student can be found below:

  • The Role of Memorization in Large Language Models by Vishweshwar Ramanakumar, advised by He He
  • Untitled Project on Answering Models by Pablo Santos, advised by Najoung Kim
  • Computing Magnetic Field with Stepped Pressure Profile Equilibria by Aidan Knerr, advised by Antoine Cerfon
  • Using Machine Learning to Decode Dark Matter of the Genome by Alejandro Garcia, advised by Susan Liao
  • Learning How to Stimulate Time-Dependent Physical Systems by Isaac H. Lopez Diaz, advised by Benjamin Peherstorfer
  • Deep Equilibrium (DEQ) Transformers for Vision by John Como, advised by Nicolas Carion
  • Survival Analysis by Kyle Adams, advised by Rajesh Ranganath
  • Training a Neural Network to Describe Poking by Latavia Thompson, advised by Lerrel Pinto
  • Task Representation in Virtual Reality by Veronica Kirigios, advised by Kara Emery
  • Robustness of Neural Networks by Zoga Duka, advised by Alberto Bietti
  • The Gravity Waves that Drive the Quasi-Biennial Oscillation (“QBO”) by Janya Mirpuri, advised by Ed Gerber

Perhaps, the most engaging aspect of the presentation was the question and answer portion after each individual segment. There were many interesting inquiries posed by mentors. Overall, it was an academically diverse and highly informative session for students, mentors, and sponsors alike.

To view the entire spring 2022 cohort, please visit the Spring 2022 Cohort webpage.

A Note on CURP Summer 2022

We look forward to welcoming our first summer (and third overall) cohort of CURP this June. CURP summer 2022 will take place remotely, June 6 — August 2022.

For more information on CURP, please visit the CURP webpage.

By Ashley C. McDonald




Official account of the Center for Data Science at NYU, home of the Undergraduate, Master’s, and Ph.D. programs in Data Science.

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NYU Center for Data Science

Official account of the Center for Data Science at NYU, home of the Undergraduate, Master’s, and Ph.D. programs in Data Science.

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