Moody’s Information Session for CURP Students

There are many benefits to being a CURP student, but information sessions can be described as a particularly helpful one. For those who may not be familiar, CURP, the CDS Undergraduate Research Program, is a research mentorship program that provides talented students with the opportunity to work in-depth with our faculty who advise, encourage, and support them as well as with a community of their peers. Our partner and CURP sponsor, Moody’s, recently held an information session with our current CURP students on Friday, April 8, 2022.

The session was hosted by representatives from Moody’s HR and data science teams including Reshma Mongia, VP of Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion, Rajeev Bamra, VP of Strategy & Business Management in Data Science, Tina Ren, Data Scientist, Panpan Cheng, Financial Engineer in Data Science, and Matthew Hess, Senior Director of Technology Talent.

The presentation, primarily led by Reshma, focused on the role data science plays in the company vision, their diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives, and internal programs that enable early-career employees to thrive. Following the presentation was an open dialogue where students had the opportunity to ask questions such as what sets Moody’s apart from its competitors in terms of methodology and strategy, what is your approach to building quantitative models, how do you approach trial and error, etc. Ultimately, the session was a great opportunity for CURP students to learn more about initiatives and professional opportunities at the company.

CURP for Summer 2022

We’re excited to welcome our first summer (and third overall) cohort of CURP this June. CURP summer 2022 will take place remotely, June 6 — August 2022. The application deadline was April 8, 2022. However, applications received after the specified deadline will be considered on a rolling basis.

For more information on CURP, please visit the CURP webpage.

By Ashley C. McDonald




Official account of the Center for Data Science at NYU, home of the Undergraduate, Master’s, and Ph.D. programs in Data Science.

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NYU Center for Data Science

NYU Center for Data Science

Official account of the Center for Data Science at NYU, home of the Undergraduate, Master’s, and Ph.D. programs in Data Science.

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