Meet the Fellow: Najoung Kim

This entree is a part of our Meet the Fellow blog series, which introduces and highlights Faculty Fellows who have recently joined CDS.

Najoung Kim, CDS Faculty Fellow

Meet CDS Faculty Fellow Najoung Kim, who joined us this fall semester. Shortly before joining CDS, Najoung earned a PhD in Cognitive Science from the Department of Cognitive Science at Johns Hopkins University. She is also a 2019 recipient of the Best Paper Award from the Proceedings of the Eighth Joint Conference on Lexical and Computational Semantics. Her research interests lie in meaning and generalization in human and machine learners. To investigate these areas, she leverages computational and experimental linguistic methodologies.

“I am excited about my position at NYU CDS because of its growing community of researchers working at the intersection of human and machine learning, across many departments including Linguistics, Computer Science, and Psychology. I’m hoping to make the most of all the collaborative opportunities here!” says Najoung.

To view all of our current faculty fellows, please visit the CDS Faculty Fellow page on our website.

By Ashley C. McDonald


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