How the DeepMind Scholarship Benefits Our Students

Meet Darius (Joseph) Stansil, one of our 2021 DeepMind Scholarship recipients. We caught up with Darius to discuss a bit about his experience with the DeepMind scholarship and how it has supported both his educational and professional development.

2021 CDS DeepMind Scholarship Recipient: Darius (Joseph) Stansil

This interview was lightly edited for clarity.

Tell us a bit about your experience as a DeepMind Scholar.

I was very happy to be selected as a DeepMind Scholar. It created many opportunities for me by allowing me to live and work in New York, where it was very easy to network and learn from a diverse group of accomplished data scientists. Living and working with other dedicated scholars has motivated me to excel in my studies and career going forward.

How has the scholarship supported you as you earn your degree?

I am extremely grateful to be supported by DeepMind. I previously had to work as an undergrad to support my living expenses, and it significantly limited what I was able to get out of my program. Now I have been able to dive deeper into data science by working on side projects and volunteering for causes I am passionate about.

What is your biggest takeaway from the scholarship program so far?

Historically, I was always a really independent person who rarely asked for help in both school and my professional experience. However, NYU’s program was a fresh challenge that forced me to work with others. And because of it, I met many wonderful people and have a clearer sense of how I want to contribute to the field later in my career. So I’d say my biggest takeaway is learning to depend on others — in that regard, I am very excited to continue the mentorship program.

All MS applicants are reviewed for potential scholarship opportunities. Thus, in order to be considered for the DeepMind scholarship, the only step applicants need to take is to simply apply to the program. For more information on the CDS DeepMind Scholarship, please visit our MS Financial Aid page. For more information on DeepMind, please visit the DeepMind website.

By Ashley C. McDonald