CDS Guest Editorial: Dialect map, jargon dialects across science domains

Sinclert Perez (left), Quynh M. Nguyen (center), Kyle Cranmer (right)
Dialect regions over a geographical map. Source: The New York Times.
Dialect regions over a scientific articles map. Source: PaperScape.
Project architecture
  • Data Science M.S. student Jiayu Du, who helped shape some of the early functionality.
  • NYU Research Technology and HPC teams, because of their guidance and the huge computational power that they made available to us, researchers, in the form of the NYU Greene cluster.
  • PaperScape authors, because of the maintenance and constant update of their public APIs, without which this project would not be possible.
  • Google Cloud Platform, for providing us with research credits to support the deployment of certain software components.



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