DeepMind Fellow Profile: Lily Zhang

Meet Lily Zhang, a PhD CDS student who is one of three DeepMind Fellows this academic year, 2020–2021.

DeepMind is a leading artificial intelligence research company that aims to solve real-world problems and advance scientific discovery.

PhD Student Lily Zhang

“It’s an honor to be awarded the Deepmind Fellowship, and I’m especially excited to be joining such a vibrant, interdisciplinary community at CDS.”- Lily Zhang

About Lily’s Background:

Lily graduated magna cum laude with high honors from Harvard University in 2017, earning a B.A. in Statistics with a minor in Computer Science. Before beginning her PhD, she spent time at startups Indico Data Solutions and Gamalon, working on deep learning and probabilistic machine learning-based solutions for text processing across industries. She has also had the pleasure of working on a variety of statistics, machine learning, and data science research projects with professors Don Rubin, Michael Hughes, Jukka-Pekka Onnela, Ian Barnett, Gary King, and Dustin Tingley.

Current Focuses and Research:

At CDS, Lily currently works under the supervision of professors Rajesh Ranganath and Kyle Cranmer. Her research interests are in topics at the intersection oft including generalization, uncertainty calibration, and out of distribution detection. She is also interested in machine learning applications for health and science.

Life Outside Academics:

In her spare time, Lily enjoys dancing, playing tennis, and creative writing.

By Ashley C. McDonald

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