CURP Capital One: Information Session and Summer 2022

We jointly held an information session with our partner Capital One for current CURP students this past Friday, March 25 via Zoom. For those who may not be familiar with CURP, the CDS Undergraduate Research Program, is a research mentorship program that provides talented students with the opportunity to work with our faculty who advise, encourage, and support them as well as with a community of their peers.

The event was hosted by representatives from Capital One’s Center for Machine Learning, including Machine Learning Researcher, Brian Barr, Associate Software Engineer, Isha Hameed, and Galen Rafferty and Joshua Kim from the Student Programs team.

It was an intimate conversation kicked off by the hosts discussing a bit about each of their respective backgrounds and what brought them to Capital One. During the session, the hosts addressed student questions such as what is the difference between conducting research in an academic setting vs. in industry, what role do junior engineers play in the research and engineering areas at the company, and more. Students were also able to hear first-hand information on current relevant projects at Capital One. For example, one representative gave an overview of a project involving explainable AI, which leverages explainability to investigate fraud. Overall, the session was a great open dialogue that allowed CURP students to discover more about initiatives and professional opportunities at Capital One.

Information on CURP for Summer 2022

We’re excited to welcome our first summer (and third overall) cohort of CURP this June in partnership with Capital One. Below you can find some key logistical information on the summer session.

PROGRAM DATES: June 6 — August 12, 2022

LOCATION: Research projects will take place remotely



While open to all, we want to emphasize that the program is particularly targeted at students from underrepresented backgrounds.

For more information on CURP or to apply for the summer session, please visit the CURP webpage.

By Ashley C. McDonald



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