Celebrating Success: CDS MS Graduates Forge Impressive Paths in Data Science

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2 min readJan 19, 2024

Educating the next generation of data scientists, the NYU Center for Data Science’s Master of Science in Data Science program is a comprehensive journey into the world of data science. This 36-credit program, completed in two years full time or up to five years part time, is tailored for students with a solid foundation in mathematics, computer science, and applied statistics, focusing on the development of innovative data science methods.

As this Monday — January 22, 2024 (5 pm EST!) — is the application deadline for the Fall 2024 cohort of the MS in data science, we want to share the stats from the most recent year’s graduates.

The 2022–2023 academic year saw our MS graduates achieve a remarkable employment rate of 66.67% at the time of graduation, with salaries up to $210,000, with a median of $120,000. They have joined renowned organizations such as Adobe, NASA, Paypal, and Major League Soccer, in roles like Data Scientist, Senior Machine Learning Engineer, Scientific Programmer, Data Analyst, and Machine Learning Engineer.

Of our 2022–2023 graduates, 3.70% pursued further education.

Mihir Rana, a 2019 MS graduate, now a Senior Machine Learning Scientist at Tripadvisor, talks about the program’s academic rigor. He stated, “The rigorous academic core of the program, combined with its tailored practical applications and deep-rooted connections with the leaders of the industry, ensured that I could start contributing at my workplace quickly and effectively.”

Noah Kasmanoff, an MS in Data Science graduate from Spring 2021, now a Full Stack & Machine Learning Engineer, shared his experience at CDS, stating, “Getting comfortable being uncomfortable [helped in his success]. Since this field is so new and there are topics you wouldn’t have encountered beforehand, I got better at being able to pick up difficult concepts more easily, and figuring out how to ask the right kinds of questions to get that kind of grasp.”

Haau-Sing Li, who graduated from the MSDS program in 2021, is now pursuing a PhD in the ELLIS PhD program at TU Darmstadt. He reflected on his time at CDS, saying, “Collaborations and funded projects [were] also helpful as they helped me get familiar with academia and build a stronger tie with the research community.” This highlights how the balance between theory and application at CDS was instrumental in shaping his research career.

We encourage aspiring data scientists to apply to the MS program here. For more information, please visit the MS program’s website. We also recommend viewing our recent Information Session Recording for additional insights into the MS in data science program.

By Stephen Thomas



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