CDS Professor Discusses Responsible AI at MLK Week Kick-Off Webinar

This year NYU kicked-off MLK Week — which includes a series of events to celebrate Martin Luther King Jr’s legacy — with Courageous Conversations in AI that took place via Zoom on February 1 at 6:00pm EST. The webinar featured a presentation from CDS assistant professor, Julia Stoyanovich who discussed the necessity for artificial intelligence (AI) to be utilized responsibly. Dr. Stoyanovich was accompanied by co-panelist Jennifer Wynn, adjunct assistant professor at the NYU Stern School of Business and former Director of Education at the Obama Foundation, and host/facilitator Alethia Orbih, administrative assistant and social media manager in the Office of the Student Affairs.

Julia Stoyanovich, CDS Assistant Professor and Center for Responsible AI Founder and Co-Director

A large part of what Dr. Stoyanovich discussed during her presentation specifically focused on how AI impacts hiring. Prior to delving directly into how automated hiring systems utilize AI in the hiring process, she discussed the positive aspects of AI, explaining the power and opportunity it provides us. AI allows us to accelerate science and boost innovation. However, Dr. Stoyanovich’s talk demonstrated concern particularly around how AI can mirror the biases present in our society if we don’t approach it responsibly.

In response to this imperative need to develop responsible AI, Dr. Stoyanovich has co-founded the Center for Responsible AI (R/AI), which is “designed to be a comprehensive applied research and tool production laboratory for accelerating responsible AI practices that arise from real world collaborations.” 1 R/AI includes an applied research lab that conducts interdisciplinary research to develop open source tools and framework for managing responsibility at all stages of the AI life cycle. Additionally, it has a talent and education program designed to produce workshops and materials to inform both members of academia and the general public on responsible AI.

For more information on the Center for Responsible AI, please visit the Center for Responsible AI website. For more information on MLK Week, please visit the NYU MLK Week webpage.


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