CDS Moore-Sloan Fellow Named Rising Star in Engineering and Health

We’re excited to announce that CDS Moore-Sloan fellow Elena Sizikova was recently named one of the 2020 Rising Stars in Engineering and Health by Columbia University to present in the workshop under the same name. Twenty rising stars were selected and over 100 faculty and workshop applicants assembled for research presentations and educational sessions that explored the interconnection between engineering and biomedicine.

‘Rising Star’ Elena Sizikova

About the Workshop

The event was organized by the Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Science (FF SEAS) and the Vagelos College of Physicians and Surgeons (VP&S) who “work side-by-side to innovate at the intersection of engineering and health science and educate the next generation of scientists.” 1 An audience of postdocs, researchers, and senior graduate students joined via Zoom to observe the panelists from both schools at Columbia University. They offered an abundance of advice and guidance on how to apply and interview for faculty positions in biomedicine and how to arrange and start up a lab.

About Dr. Elena Sizikova

Prior to being a Moore Sloan Faculty Fellow at CDS, Elena earned her PhD in the3D Vision Lab in Princeton CS department, advised by Professor Thomas Funkhouser. Her research interests are in applications of computer vision to medical imaging and perception, 3D reconstruction and visual understanding tasks.

Prior to attending graduate school, Elena focused on tackling bioinformatics problems with genetic algorithms, assisted in designing a tool that helped drug design researchers find protein-ligand binding sites, and worked on multilingual search algorithms. She has received best paper awards at the ECCV 2016 Workshop on Virtual and Augmented Reality (VARVAI) and the EUROGRAPHICS 2016 Workshop on Graphics and Cultural Heritage (GHC).

For more information on the workshop, please visit the Announcing the Inaugural Rising Stars in Engineering in Health web page.


  1. Rising Stars in Engineering in Health Virtual Workshop webpage

By Ashley C. McDonald

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