CDS Hosts Information Session with Citi’s Head of U.S. Analytics

An education at CDS is not just about the technical and theoretical aspects of being a data scientist but also the practical ones. We strive to make sure every one of our students has the knowledge of where a degree in data science could take them and how they can use it to reach their professional goals.

As part of this mission, we hold regular information sessions with companies looking to hire data scientists. One such session took place in July with Citi. The event included a short introduction by the NYU CDS Head of External Relations and Career Development, Loraine Nascimento, followed by a presentation by Murli Buluswar, Citi’s Head of Analytics for its US Consumer Bank.

During the presentation, Mr. Buluswar shared how his team helps translate customer interactions into valuable insights that help Citi better engage with customers. He also gave advice to current CDS students on what makes a successful data scientist across the world of finance. He noted that while technical competency is important, other skills like communication and empathy are also highly valued at Citi.

The information session closed out with an opportunity for students to ask questions to Mr. Buluswar. Students inquired about what it is like to work at Citi, how to best communicate analytical insights to stakeholders and what Mr. Buluswar looks for in Data Analyst candidates.

Students and graduates can check out or Citi’s jobs page. Job search results can be narrowed down by searching for “US Consumer Analytics” and setting a job type filter for “Recent Graduates” or “University Programs.”

We want to thank Mr. Buluswar and his team at Citi for taking the time to meet with our students. As we head towards the Fall semester we look forward to all the company information sessions to come at CDS!

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