CDS Holds Company Information Session with Workforce Intelligence Company Revelio Labs

CDS regularly holds what we call company information sessions to give our current students the opportunity to meet with premier companies seeking to hire data scientists and other related roles. Last month, we held a company information session with Revelio Labs virtually via Zoom.

Revelio Labs is a tech startup that builds tools to help companies better understand their respective workforce. The company essentially captures the breadth of existing workforce data by looking at platforms such as LinkedIn and Glassdoor and creates a structure to coalesce occupations and job titles, skills and activities, and companies and organizations. Ultimately, their data science team works to create a holistic understanding of current workforce dynamics and trends by using the latest methods in statistical research.

“Some of our earliest interns at Revelio Labs were graduate students from CDS,” said Ben Zweig, Revelio Labs CEO, who is also an adjunct professor at NYU’s Stern School of Business and notably has taught classes such as the NYU Data Bootcamp. The session, which included an intimate overview of the company and subsequent Q&A, was facilitated by Ben and team members including Operations Manager & Recruiter Hannah Kelsen, and Data Scientists Amanda Kuznecov and Praxal Suresh Patel, both of whom are CDS alumni who graduated earlier this year with a MS in Data Science.

Praxal and Amanda, who are both on Revelio’s modeling team, spoke in detail about the many benefits of joining the company such as the opportunity to build and work with an array of machine learning models at scale, the flexibility to work across multiple teams, the good sense of work/life balance, and solid team morale.

Revelio is actively hiring and looking to double each of their teams in size. To learn more about their open positions, please visit the Revelio Labs Careers page.

By Ashley C. McDonald