CDS faculty He He, awarded Google Research Collabs Award

We are always excited to spread the word about the accomplishments of our students, researchers and faculty. Today, we get the opportunity to celebrate He He, CDS Faculty and Assistant Professor of Computer and Data Science, as the recipient of a Google Research Collabs Award!

Google’s “Research Collabs Program” is the company’s initiative that aims to ”enable a student and faculty member to conduct joint research with a Google researcher.” Professor He’s award was given for her work in Natural Language Generation and specifically, for her project “High Precision Natural Language Generation” which she will be working on in conjunction with Ankur Parikh, a Google researcher.

The project seeks to tackle the problem of “hallucination and occasional degeneracy” in text generation since the low accuracy in otherwise coherent text could lead to misinformation. Professor He and her team make two proposals to solve this problem:

“(1) hierarchical decoding to mitigate spurious correlations caused by auto-regressive models

(2) robust optimization towards learnt metrics that emphasize fidelity better than maximum likelihood estimation.”

For more information about Professor He’s research can be found on her website. More information about Google’s “Feature Research Collaborations” can be found on their website.

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