Back to School: Fall 2023

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2 min readAug 28, 2023


NYU is preparing to welcome students back to campus for the start of a new academic year! As students get their schedules and syllabuses ready, CDS has put together some university-wide resources to help our community have a successful fall semester.

CDS Graduate Student Orientation

To get our graduate students orientated to life on campus, CDS will host orientation during the week of August 28th! MS orientation will include an introduction and welcome from CDS Associate Professor of Data Science and Director of Graduate Studies Joan Bruna while PhD students will hear from CDS Assistant Professor of Neural Science and Data Science Cristina Savin. A range of NYU offices such as The Graduate School of Arts and Science (GSAS), NYU Wasserman Center for Career Development, Office of Sustainability, and Campus Safety will present valuable resources and advice for navigating campus life at the CDS orientation. The session will also include an opportunity for the incoming data science scholars to hear from current CDS students and alumni!

The Student Health Center and NYU Wellness Exchange

NYU offers a wide range of health-related resources to support students and community members through the year ahead. The Student Health Center (SHC) offers medical and pharmacy services, counseling, and accessibility accommodations for students with disabilities. Health services also include the NYU Wellness Exchange which allows students to access a 24-hour mental health hotline, support through the Wellness Exchange app, and counseling services. The Exchange can be reached at

While NYU has lifted COVID-19 policies and requirements, staying up to date on vaccinations and boosters is encouraged. Information on vaccinations and university resources relating to COVID-19 can be found on NYU COVID-19 Guidance For Everyone. If you think you are experiencing symptoms, tested positive, or were recently exposed to the virus follow the CDC COVID-19 Guidance or schedule a virtual appointment at the Student Health Center.

CDS Student Groups

CDS supports a lively campus community with multiple student groups open to both new and returning students. The CDS Graduate Student Community-Building Group, the Data Science Club, and Women in Data Science (WiDS) encourage community members to get involved and attend their events during the upcoming academic year. More information on how to get in touch can be found on the CDS Student Groups page.

NYU Student Tech Guide

Getting set up for a new semester of learning often involves some technical questions. From NYU Brightspace, NYU Zoom, to setting up your university email, the Student Tech Guide covers it all!

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