Announcing Data Science for (Truly) Everyone!

CDS began offering Data Science for Everyone (DS-UA 111) to the NYU community three years ago. Since then, the course, which introduces students to the world of data science, has become one of the most in-demand courses at CDS with waitlists growing every semester. This is why we are so excited to announce that this summer CDS will be offering the course as an innovative 6-week, 4-credit remote learning experience and that the course will be offered to non-NYU students as well!

So what exactly is Data Science for Everyone? It is a rigorous (yet fun!) course that teaches students not only the basics of coding and data science but also how to think like a data scientist. It’s the perfect introduction to data science for anyone who has an interest in the field but hasn’t had the opportunity to get experience in it. The only prerequisite for the course is high school algebra.

While the course is typically offered on campus in a lecture hall, CDS is taking a more innovative approach for the summer with a brand-new remote, asynchronous format. This means instead of having to attend a virtual lecture at a specific time, the course will be taught through short videos that can be watched on your own schedule. You’ll also be given hands-on self-guided practice sessions to apply what you’ve learned. The only part of the experience that is fixed in time is exams, homework deadlines, and office hours with your TA and/or professor.

As a student in Data Science for Everyone, you can expect to spend approximately 5 hours per week on lectures 3 hours per week on TA videos & interactive office hours, and about 20 hours per week on readings,practice, homeworks, and preparing for a midterm and final exam. The exams must be completed on the day they are scheduled during your local time. They will be conducted on Classes, will be open book, and you will have 60 minutes to complete them.

This iteration of Data Science for Everyone is truly for everyone: it is open to non-NYU students! All non-NYU students must apply to become a visiting student at NYU to take the course. Information on how to apply can be found here. NYU students can register for the course directly in Albert.

The two most important things to know (after the awesomeness & importance of this course) are: (1) The deadline to enroll is May 29th (May 12th for non-NYU students!) (2) if you have any questions please email

If you’d like to learn more about Data Science for Everyone, a full course outline and more details can be found on the CDS website.



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